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I have a question about which temperature I should be reading my 4170 is at 5.09ghz while running prime the "package" temp is reaching 74-75C but the "CPU" is reaching the max TDP temperature of 62-63C, so am I overkilling the temperature by a whole ten degrees or is it running at the safe highest temp?
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    Is the 62-63C the core temp?

    Does HWmonitor give you each cores temp?

    I'm assuming that the 74-75C package temp is the cpu case temp.

    Most will say that the core temp is the one to worry about with the case temp being less important. There is some conflicting information out there so I usually monitor both and make sure neither exceed my max temp.
  2. It used to give by the core now it has the package since I upgraded to the 64-bit I guess it doesn't matter failed after an hour of prime95. But now I now in the future thanks friend!
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