WD10EADS-Controller board problem-2060-701640-007 REV A

I have a Western Digital 1TB hard disk -32MB cache which is in Warranty whose details are:

Model- WD10EADS-11M2B2
Date: April 2010
Control Board Number - 2060-701640-007 REV A ( Pics Attached ) - I am referring to the number that is etched on the board and not the one printed on the paper sticker on the board. Please let me know if this way of identifying the firmware is wrong.

The problem:
The drive is currently not usable because a chip in Controller Board (SMOOTH Motor controller) is burnt ( pics attached) and the drive is inaccessible and I want the data in it.

Already tried this to Recover data by myself without any desired result:Note: I am in Bangalore, India

1. Removed the damaged controller board and used boards from other WD HDDs - but model number was different. Also tried a board no: 2060-701640-002 REV A.
2. Searched net to find if same board is available but it is costing 50 dollars( hddzone, ebay etc) and I am looking for easier & cheap solutions.
3. Searched in the Ritchie Street, Chennai ( a place where all kinds of electronics, computer parts are available - similiar to SP Road in Bangalore)
- One guy asked to bring a similiar board and the Smooth-Motor Controller ( IC)Chip so that he can fix this burnt board. I do not know where to get that IC.

I need help in recovering data. My questions are:

1. In India where can I get the controller board for free /as a donation / for a lesser price?
2. If not in India, where can get the controller board for lesser price?
3. If not the controller board, where can I get identical SMOOTH ( IC) so that I can get the existing board fixed?
4. Can anyone donate or lend me the board for a day or two ( I will come and pick it up if you are in bangalore )?
5. Are there any alternatives to fix this issue and recover the data? - if you know any Data Recovery center or expert?

http://img291.imagevenue.com/loc353/th_387073894_DSC00988_122_353lo.JPG http://img135.imagevenue.com/loc85/th_387086364_DSC00990_122_85lo.JPG
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  1. Hi Iam also facing the same issue but i manage to recover the data but i wan't to try and fix this HD if this is the issue. But i am also unable to find the replacement board cheaply here in Dubai. Any help.

    I also had a bad experience with WD HDD when i bought this computer long time we go togather 10 people bought parts and assembled a each PC and we got WD HDD and all of the HDDs failed with in one year this was 1996 since then i never buy the WD HDD but last year i bought this MyBook Essential and it gave me this problem so i will never buy WD HDDs again.
  2. We have this PCB which is costing 36.00USD with free shipping to India.

    When you get this PCB, you need to change the BIOS.
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