Radeon 4870, weird, buzzing sound.

MOBO: Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
GFX: Diamond Radeon 4870
CPU: Q9400
PSU: Corsair 650HX
RAM: 4gb Corsair

I used to have issues with my old power supply. It was a raidmax which failed. What happened before was when I try playing games, my screen goes black and the video card starts to be really noisy. Seems that issue was because of the lack of power. Now that I've bought my new psu, everythings okay.

But i have this concern.

Every once in a while, my video card makes this really disturbing, buzzing sound. It didn't happen to me before when my psu sucked. I googled my problem and they say its normal. What is this buzzing sound anyway and why my video card buzzing. :(
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  1. try reseating the card's cooler, maybe the screw is loose.
    Make sure all power connector cables are installed properly.
    And take a look at the ATI CCC about your fan speed... :)
  2. How do i reseat the card's cooler?

    6-pins are intact.

    And 71% when not buzzing and when it is buzzing.
  3. umm, take off the cooler and attach it again as i said before, maybe the screw is loose.
    If that doesn't make any changes then rma your card (if it still on warranty).
    The buzzing sound happened randomly or just when you are gaming?
  4. Its not the bloody cooler it is from the VRM to be more specific it is the chokes charging and discharging.

    See the two little boxes next to the rectangular chip at the end its those. Typically most users don't notice this but a few with either very good hearing or very silent box do.

    Since the plate doesn't cover them and just millimeters under the fan it is tricky to do mod cooling but any thin aluminum or cooper sheet and some arctic silver5 compound and your set. Just cut it to size and make sure that they don't touch any thing else. The arctic silver5 will act as glue and will harden over time while reducing the annoying noise.
  5. ^+1

    thanks 4 the correction, nforce4max... :)
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