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3 Monitor Setup with Integrated Graphics + Graphics Card

Ok... so I am totally out of the loop when it comes to video (and a lot of other things for that matter).

I'm trying to set up a couple 3 monitor builds in my office.

Both my PC's are running Asus Motherboards (M4A785TD-V EVO 785G RT) which have an integrated HD4200 Video.

I have heard that I can combine my integrated graphics with a relatively inexpensive video card to get 3 monitors up and running.

Is this correct?
How would this work?
We will be for the most part running browsers, chat clients and mayeb a bit of video straming.

What would be a relatively cheap videocard to archieve my goals?

Thanks for the help!

PC Setup:
M4A785TD-V EVO 785G RT
500 GB HD
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  1. Would this videocard do the job?

    The thing is... its a DDR2 videocard so Im not sure if that could create any conflicts with my setup.

    I found some info here.. but mixed answers...
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    Im not 100% sure you can use a dedicated video card and have the integrated graphics on at the same time. (Im thinking it could vary depending on which motherboard) Even if you could enable them at the same time you would need two sets of drivers to run them, which is only supported by windows 7 currently.

    If you cant get it to work with only one card + igp you could get two cards since you have two pcie slots on your motherboard.

    For a third option I should also note that the ATI 5000 series supports up to three displays, at a cost. The 3rd monitor that comes out of it has to use the DisplayPort output and you will most likely need to use a DP to DVI/HDMI active adapter, $100 a pop, no cutting corners with passive adapters. You can use a DP to VGA adapter, which is alot cheaper than the DVI one.
    This DP to VGA adapter is no longer sold at newegg but it works in my setup.

    For options on graphics cards, anything cheap: 5450, 4550, 4350 will get the job done.
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  4. Thanks Paper.

    I think Im just going to take the plunge and buy two 4550s and crossfire them.
    Ill initially buy one and see if I can get the inteegreatd graphics to work... I am running Win 7.

    Thanks for the help!
  5. That XFX 4650 would be fine, or you could go with this Sapphire 4550 for $25 less and get the same performance for your 2D apps.
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