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Hello, I think I am having a total noob problem haha I bought a corsair H80i a few days ago and received it today and installed it. When I plugged my pc up and turned it back on the H80i and all the fans started up looked like I was in the clear of having any issues then when windows loaded it installed the drivers I figuring for link so I hooked that up to my usb and into the H80i like the instruction book said but when the drivers installed nothing happened, So I had this thought of maybe I should try another usb slot then when I powered my pc on it wouldnt install the drivers and so I went back and put it back in the slot and powered my pc back up went to the device manager and it said that the drivers weren't installed and try it I might every time I try to get it to install the drivers it wont. I even checked to make sure their wasn't a disc that had link on it that came with the H80i. Any help on how to fix this and get link up and running would be great I'm sure I noobed it up somewhere along the way haha thanks!
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    The H80i device or driver will not show up in the device manager, this is normal. Did you try starting the Corsair Link software? It doesn't auto start, look in your start menu under Corsair. Also get the latest software from Corsair: Corsair Link 2.2.0 and H80i Firmware Update 1.0.4 And also be aware that the Corsair software has known issues with some hardware drivers.
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