Best Phenom II mobo w/ ddr2 support

I am looking to buy a top end motherboard but do not have the money to buy ddr3 along with it. i'll be using a phenom II BE (not sure what model yet). So whats the best ddr2 mobo out there that supports phenom IIs?
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  1. I'm currently running an ASUS M4A785-M chipset DDR2 version with my 955 BE. I did so because, like you, I wanted minimal costs/hastle to get the support I wanted.

    As for best? I think the best you're going to get is a 785/790 based amd chipset. You can get very good boards in this line up for about $80.

    The M4A785-M that I'm using is quite good, but also:

    This board by GIGABYTE features a little better overall feature load-out in my opinion, it's definitely a trust-worthy manufacturer, and it's still at a good price.
  2. matx or atx does not matter, but mATX is preferred. whichever has better overall/OCing performance.
  3. Im only replacing the mobo/cpu. have a 5770 video card atm. $100 is perfect, up to 150 if i find one thats worth it. does not need onboard vid.
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