Is my Mb compatible with other components

Building a new rig for 3d Animation. Will be using MAYA 2010 and Adobe CS4 for study purpose only.
Before I blow it, I'd like to know whether these are compatible.
Windows 7 64 bit



Kingston Value Ram DDR3 1333 4GB(2x2GB Modules)




I have not zeroed on a GPU as yet :)

Am thinking of these speakers.

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  1. ^ The PSU is the odd man out here...
    It is of low quality and not efficient...
    Get a quality 500W(if you want to add a powerful graphics card) or 400/450W(if you will add a low powered card) PSU from Antec EA or TP or ECO series/ Corsair/ Silverstone/ Seasonic/ CM Real Power or Silent PRO/ PCP&S/ OCZ...

    Mobo - Get the Gigabyte UD2 if you want a cheap P55 board...Cost just few bucks more but well worth it...

    And if you game as well, then get a regular desktop graphics card...

    And from next time, make it a point to specify the component name along with the links as it will be difficult for others to go through all the links to see what you have come up with...
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