ASUS Maximus III GENE DD3 @1600, How?

I have been looking all night to find my answer. I think I have, but I want to make sure. I plan on purchasing the above board with a i5 750. I realize the mem multiplier on that CPU is 10 (@133 bclk) which means max stock is 1333 for my memory. However, the board supports 1600 which I would like to use. Is there a way to achieve this without OC my CPU? There is a setting in the BIOS to change the DRAM Frequency between 1066, 1333 and 1600. Does this mean that it will OC my bclk to 166 to achieve the 1600? Any help would be great. I really want to OC my memory and GPU without touching my CPU. Thanks.
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  1. If that's the case, then there should be a "Sync"-ing setting between the FSB and DRAM somewhere in the BIOS. All you have to do is break off that "Sync" mode change it to Manual. Then so will the CPU won't be affected if you OC your RAM to 1600.
  2. No if you have overlocked your cpu to 166 , that means 166 x 4 = 667MHz effective FSB clock , your ram Buss 1333/2= 667 MHz then Your FSBC : DRAM = 1 : 1
    1:1 mean the best performance ;) you only do that if you wanted to run you system 1:1
    but if you want to run the bus 1600 ram use 2.50D sync. with the above cpu clock

    and if you want to run you system 1:1 with ram bus 1600 , you will have to overlclock your CPU FSB Clock to 400 Mhz (possible with water cooling) and ram sync to 2.00 D
    then your system will work at 1:1
  3. Thanks guys. I decided to OC my bclk to 166 to reach 1600 speeds for my memory, and decrease the multiplier for my CPU to keep it at stock speeds.
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