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Will the motherboard heatsink melt my hose

Alright so i just got my raystorm 750 from frozen cpu and like a moron I forgot to add the 90 degree fittings i wanted (ordered it like 5 minutes before work) I went to micro center and the fittings were 21 dollars a piece, and they didnt even have the right size! So im just using the barbs what i want to know is will the heatsinks or capacitors on my mobo ever get hot enough to melt the tube because the cleanest way to run the tube is along side the heatsink. With the copper pipe on my gigabyte 990fxa ud5, my computers apart and im on my wifes mac so i have no clue how to edit a photo lol or id up load one but its the one next to the processor socket, will it melt my tube? Lol im really wanting to finish this tonight ive been waiting forever!
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  1. well nvm i just switched the rad around i thin its cleaner looking
  2. If the tubing is speced to be used inside a computer if should not melt from touching the motherboard or it's parts.
  3. I have a point on my rig where the tubing touches the Nb heatsink, I cut a tiny section of tubing and collared it around the contact point, helping to keep the waterline away from the heat, never melted on me yet :)
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    most common tubings are good to 60-70 c working temps.

    Most people using Tygon are using the bevarage grade.
    Is your boards heat sinks are getting near 60-70c you have other problems.
  5. lol thats what i figured thanks guys, I actually turned the rad around which imo looked cleanerand i didnt have to worry about it, i love water cooling I was super skeptical at first thinking how can the rs 240 be any good, but my 965 be requires almost 1.5 volts to run a stable 4 ghz and it never went above 39 degrees over a 17 hour period. I was going for 24 but some reason i touched my case and it shocked me and restarted my comp tring to fix that issue now lol, but at 3.8 ghz with stock voltage with my hyper 212 it got up to 45 degrees at times. Glad I went this route!
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