New to overclocking! Is my case going to melt?

Hey there, I finally decided to bite the bullet and build a better gaming system ( over my PS3 ) - .. So today on sever recommendations I went out a bought a Sapphire 7870 XT with Boost graphics card, an unlocked intel i5 3570K processor. Both of these are specifically meant to be overclocked and I'll have wasted money if I DON"T do it - Sooooo.... How many fans do I need? I've currently got a Cooler Master Elite series half tower, with only the requisite exhaust 120mm fan. That being said when I picked this stuff up I bought another 120mm for the front of the case. This unfortunately is all the case can accommodate. The Saphire has two fans on the card, and the psu of course has a fan, but will this be enough? I've got a p8H67M-Pro motherboard by the way, for what it's worth, with TurboV and GPU Boost built in to the bios to give a beginner like me a leg up in pushing it to the max. Am I about to fry my system? Should I buy a new case, with a couple extra fan mounts? Thanks! One last thing, my psu is the minimum 500w for the 7870XT card I've bought, If you DO recommend a new case, will extra fans require a new PSU as well? Thanks!
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  1. You won't fry anything so long as you monitor temps and take care. Find out if it'll be enough cooling by testing.

    What's the PSU? Extra fans shouldn't require an upgrade, but if it's a *** PSU then it might be wise to replace it anyway, particularly if overclocking.

    Oh, and final note - more fans does not = better cooling. It can help, but good heatsinks and good airflow matter more. Counting the number of fans you have is a really misguided way of assessing cooling capability.
  2. Well I went ahead and got a new case anyways, the antec p182. It's got room for 7 fans but right now I've only got 4 going ( I figure more is overkill untill I'm ready to crossfire my new 7870 XT Sapphire card ) . In any case We shall see, I ordered the trixx utility to overclock the card, and will play with the settings over the weekend. I've already overclocked the cpu from 3.4 to about 3.85 - and actually installed a new heatsink fan on it ( as I buggered up the pushpins on the stock intel ) ... So the new ones much bigger and better anyways. I figure between the new cpu fan, the front fan air intake, the psu fan ( oh I got a new psu as well, an ocz game xstream 700 watt ( with an extra fan blowing on it ) the rear exhaust and the top exhaust, and the two fans attached to the sapphire I should be ok. Do you know of a decent program that will send off warning signals if the internal temp gets to high? Cheers! thanks
  3. Speedfan is my temperature monitor/fan controller of choice.
  4. What HSF are you using to cool the cpu?

    An aftermarket one is a must when overclocking beyond 300-400Mhz on the cpu.
  5. I'm using a coolermaster Hyper TX3 :)
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