Help, Upgrading my comp for Bad Company 2

Hello there all!

And thank you in advanced for your assistance,

Ive been looking hard for a few days now what I should Upgrade my comp with FIRST for Bad Company 2.

Ive been told BACK and FORTH, its your CPU.. Its your VID Card.. Ive been told mainly vid card but I want to make sure.
I dont know if my problem is the Video card or the CPU. I cant tell when playing. Ive been told this this the best site etc for Gaming help.
So here we go...

MY BUDGET - 160-180$ 200$ MAX if its very much needed lol

My Computer Specs:

Chipset : Intel G31/G33/G35
Processor : Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 @ 2500 MHz
Physical Memory : 2048 MB (2 x 1024 DDR2-SDRAM )
Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce 8500

So yeah, I checked and my comp can use up to the Core2Quad. (Friends Suggested the Q9300 or 9400) or the Core2Duo E8400 3ghz 6mb.

OR I was thinking to go for the

Radeon 4870 1GB Video Card..

All in All.. My game registers teh bullets and ppl running fine, I think its teh video thats my problem

Im heading more towards VIDEO Card.. but Still.. Later On I need to Upgrade teh CPU just as well..

Thx in advanced for your Opinions
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  1. Well your in a bad situation for 2 reasons

    1) BFBC2 really likes quadcores AND beefy vid cards, and you don't have either.

    2) If you upgrade the vid card then its likely that your CPU will restrict the performance of the new vid card (CPU bottleneck) And if you decide to just upgrade the CPU instead then your still left with a low end vid card.

    I'd recommend buying a 5770 which is in your price range and will handle BFBC2 well (although you will most likely be CPU bottlenecked, depending on your resolution) and then in the future go for a Ci5 Ci7 setup.

    **5770's have multiple known problems, buy at own risk!**

    What power supply do you have? whats the make and model?
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