Freezing w/ High Pitch Hum

--I have recently built a new comp with the following specs:

-Core i7 920
- Radeon 5850
-650w corsair psu
- corsair 6bg tri channel XMS
-Gigabyte x58a mobo
-Win 7 pro 64

--For the past few weeks the computer has been running fine. Just this morning I turned on my computer, and within 15 seconds of reaching the desktop, my computer froze. No blue screen of death, just a frozen desktop, no mouse working, no keys functional... pretty much just a screen shot of my desktop that was froze on my screen.

--So a few hours later I decided to play some Bad company 2, and within 5 minutes of game play, my comp froze in the same fashion except this time there was a high pitched humming noise coming from some component inside the case I couldn't identify. The symptoms were the same this time, a frozen (almost screen shot like) screen with a still image, no functional keys or mouse cursor. The whole computer froze, not just the program. None of the sounds in the game were repeating as happens in other type freezes, the only thing that could be heard was a high pitched hum from inside the case. So whats the faulty component(s)? What can i do? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. It would be good if you could open the case and see if its one of the fans that is going spastic and making the noise (which fan is important). Wouldnt hurt to dust everything out and check for loose cables (while its off!).
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