Triple DVI-displays with dual 5850-cards?

Hi guys

I've read around and understood that to run triple monitors on a single (5850) card while using ATI's Eyefinity tech, you always have to use (in some form or another) the Displayport on the 5850 (well - the card doesn't have 3xDVI out anyways).

My problem is that I don't have any DP-screens, only DVI ones and I don't want to get an "active DP to DVI connector" for almost a third of the price of another 5850-card. So here is my question that seems really hard to get a definitive answer to:

If I get dual 5850-cards, could I use the two DVI-ports on the first card, plus one of the DVI-ports on the second card to run triple screens on that? - while using eyefinity. ?
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  1. Apparently, for future reference, the answer to the question is "No".
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