P6T-D-V2 rebuilding RAID5 Array

My RAID5 array got mysteriously corrupted this morning.

During bootup, the BIOS reported my RAID5 array as "Degraded".

My question is this:

When Win7x64 booted up (THAT took a LONG time), the Intel Matrix Storage Manager initiated a RAID5 rebuild.

So far, my 1.5 TB array is at 32% after 13 hours. :-(

Is there anything I can do to rebuild my RAID5 array faster? Would it be faster to rebuild in the BIOS (if that is even an option)? Or, maybe, start up in Win7 Safe Mode?


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  1. Nope no way......
    It's going to take that long anyways since the HDD size is pretty big....
  2. It took 39 hours. Yikes.
  3. WOW!!!
    That's is long......
    Say did you have too much data on the Array?
    Couldn't you just settle for smaller sized HDDs if it's just the OS?
  4. I didn't have too much data (about 550 GB / 1.5 TB), but as I understand it - the amount of time would be about the same regardless of whether the drives were empty or full. I think that even "empty" areas are "parity"d in the RAID array.
  5. Exactly, that's why in a RAID array we tend to have smaller sized discs for different purposes..... each set comprises of sets of small sized HDDs depending on what the drives are to be used for.
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