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I work with a lot of hard drives. Recently, I have started to have some issues reading some drives. Turns out they are the new Advanced Format (AF) drives. I use an external adapter to scan drives for viruses, problems, for data backup, and testing. The kind that has 3 connectors, 1 for sata, 1 for IDE, and 1 for laptop IDE. After much testing back and forth with 2 adapters using XP and 7, I found that my old adapter works and my new one does not, whether I use XP or 7.

My old one was and still is on its last legs. So I need to buy a new one that works with AF drives. I don't know if it's the chipset in the adapter or what. But I'm sure someone here has seen this issue by now. The places I have found online don't list chipsets or AF drive compatibility yet.

I was hoping that someone could give me the make and model numbers of units they know work with AF drives. (Or units they know don't work.) Or what chipset or feature means it will work for me. I live too far from and city where I could do a trial and error buy. If it does not work, its a long drive to return. I prefer the docking station top load type if possible, and I don't need IDE, only sata. But whatever works.

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    I use two Rosewill RX-DU300 external docks, which are USB 3.0 and they work fine with advanced format drives, old drives, SSDs. They only accommodate SATA (2.5 or 3.5 inch), as I have no need to deal with IDE drives. Bought them from Newegg. I like the USB 3, as it speeds up large file transfers such as drive cloning.
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  3. Got one and tried it. Works well. I've read in reviews how the eject button doesn't work and I agree. I also forgot how many hard drives I work on are in a cage. So I have to take it out each time. But thats OK. At least it works well. Thanks again.
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