Acer Aspire Had Vista, XP Nogo, Fedora Fine

Hello, my dad's aspire was clogged up with memory hogging software and he was frustrated. After uninstalling a lot of unnecessary software I looked at my dad and thought to myself, "XP probably would be better". Well when I started the XP install after formatting, first I got the BSOD, which I got past. XP was still no go, i've read a lot of similar problems; during the install the computer just shuts down. Here's the thing: I installed Fedora 17 on it and it works fine. Naturally dad doesn't remember having a computer that froze on startup, asking me to fix it, and hates Fedora. So now I start to install XP again and it shuts down after asking to install third party ACPI drivers. WTF.
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    You would be better installing Windows 7 on it. XP is old and it can be difficult to impossible to find hardware drivers for newer PCs, especially laptops.
  2. I had actually considered that because I do have an extra windows 7 disk floating around here. I'll give that a whirl. I had read quite a few posts saying it was a hardware issue and I just don't see that, seeing as It actually works with a Linux distro. I'm actually going to put fedora on one of my laptops now after trying to teach Fedora to pops so hey not all a bad deal.
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