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Hello, i am new to the forums so if this is in the wrong section please let me know and i will change it.

Ok first i'll describe what i'm trying to do, i live in a household with 5 computers (3 wired, 2 wireless). I have two routers and only one internet connection. I have them set up to connect to the internet right now. Works fine. Problem i'm having is i cannot see any other the other computers in my network. Basically to share files etc... What i need to know is what i have to do to set up my network to allow this. Router 1 has 2 computers hooked into it and router 2 has 3. Router one is the one that is connected to the internet. I also want to add that i want to be able to connect to the internet on any of the computers and be able to share files as well. One of these computers on router 2 is a homeserver, i don't need to know much about this as it is up and going already working fine. But i cannot connect to my homeserver from any of the computers on router 1 to the homeserver. I know there is a way of doing this i'm just out of idea's on how to do it.

Here is some info on the systems if needed
Router 1 - Dlink
router 2 - Linksys
1 computer running windows xp
1 computer running windows 2000
2 computers running windows 7 ultimate
1 computer running windows home server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And just in case someone is wondering i am using 2 routers it is because on router 2, i need 3 computers hooked up and only have 1 ethernet port. I know a switch would work better for me or even a hub, but i had the 2nd router and didn't want to spend more money if i didn't have to.

Thank you
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    On the second router, change the IP address to be in the same range as the first (ie:, disable DHCP and connect the CAT5 cable from the first router to a LAN port on the second.
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  3. Thank you this worked perfectly.
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