An issue with offset voltage

Maybe I don't understand this or maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I cannot get offset voltage to work right.

The current settings are 4.2 with fixed 1.070 volts

I cannot for the life of me get the offset voltage to go to 1.070 on a maximum load with offset, it always bumps to 1.1XX or 1.2XX volts

and for some reason I can't go any lower then -.100 in offset mode, it just crashes instantly

can you guys give me a hand with this?

(and for the record I'm new at this)

I5-3570k and ASrock Z77 extreme4
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  1. Your LLC (Load Line Calibration aka anti-v-droop) may have something to do with it.

    You could try more negative offset with more LLC (lower voltage target with LLC bringing it up to what you want) or less offset and less LLC. (Higher target voltage that "droops" into the voltage you want.)

    I prefer the former because it keeps the "spikes" low, but sometimes overshooting target voltage a little during transition from C states (With the latter method) can help stabilize things.
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