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1055t Running to hot ?

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May 27, 2010 5:43:29 PM

Just finished building my system with MSI 890 and Cooler Master 212 plus ( and applied icd7) and without even side doors on case i went into bios and its reporting my cpu temperature at 38 C ! Fan speed is on stock settings running at about 2035 rpm
Is this normal could temp be reporting wrong ? Or did i probably place paste wrong. Hoping i dont have to reinstall fan again
Anyone that has done a build with these and checked bios immediately ? If i do have to re-do paste whats best way to wipe it off ?
With sides on its only 1C hotter, and i havent even installed my XFX 5850 yet, using integrated graphics
If it matters my system temp is showing at 30c but sys fan speed is showing at 0 rpm. I did not connect anything to sysfan on motherboard because i really didnt see anything to connect there ?

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May 27, 2010 6:48:43 PM

usually temp in bios is higher than temp in windows, load the os then check the temps
May 27, 2010 7:43:43 PM

I ran coretemp and idle was 17C and with prime it reached highest of 39C
With this processor though temps are not shown accurately in software programs so im assuming its a mid point between them and bios.
I noticed running cpuz that it shows my proc name but speed of 800 lol where everywhere else it shows correct speed. I need to update bios to 1.6 for msi gxm-g65 i downloaded file but directions are not clear how do i do this through usb drive inside bios i saw option
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May 31, 2010 6:30:53 PM

ok well updated my bios because of reported issues with motherboard not supporting x6 completely with stock bios.
I did a slight overclock to 3360 mhz at 1.375 volts and my room is not even the least bit cold probably around 70 degrees F at least.
As for temperatures I currently am running coretemp at boot and it is reporting coldest at 15C and idle at 16-17C and on full prime load highest it reached was 43C.
Only problem is there has also been reports of temp programs not reading correct temperatures for x6's as bios will show around 42C around boot and processor is only placed on about 60 percent load. So from what ive read its better to add around 12C or so to temp programs.
and xaira and enzo matrix you were correct cpu was being throttled at idle.