New Phenom II X955 build

I am building a new X955 pc which i will use primarily for gaming. i have listed the parts i intend to use and would appreciate opinions on if i need to change anything. As this is my first bild im nervous as to whether all these parts are compatible so please tell me if there not...
My budget is roughly $1200
oh and i dont need a crossfire compatible mobo.

CPU: Phenom II X955BE
GPU: Sapphire HD5870 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
MobO:Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3, Socket-AM3AMD DDR3
RAM:Crucial DDR3 1066MHz 4GB KIT
PSU: Corsair TX 750W
Antec 900 case
23" Samsung 1920X1080 monitor

Appreciate all replies thanks...
(tell me if i left something out because i nearly always do :))
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  1. Probably need a hard drive.

    This Seagate 7200.12 is the best deal out there right now. $55 with free shipping.

    More info on the RAM would be handy, but typically 1333 MHz or 1600 MHz CAS 7 RAM is the best price/performance combination. G.Skill Ripjaws are usually pretty inexpensive, as is the Eco Series. Other brands are cheaper than the G.Skill from time to time as well.
  2. DVD burner
    Get faster RAM?
    I don't think you need such a large PSU
    Get a 32" flatscreen instead of a monitor?
  3. karm100fists said:
    I don't think you need such a large PSU

    Especially if crossfire isn't an option.
  4. ^^
    Yes I would get faster RAM.
    Check out this link for a nice kit:

    Everything looks good though, but if it were me I would consider this motherboard
    I know you said you don't need one that is crossfire compatible, but it adds the possibility for the future. It also adds 45$.

    Everything else looks good. The PSU might be overkill however. And, if you aren't planning on crossfiring, you don't need a crossfire compatible PSU do you?

    Case is also a bit much maybe. You could probably find a good combo deal with a crossfire ready PSU and a nice case for the cost of your case alone.

    But, everything looks good other than that (get the HDD also). This is very similar to a build that I just completed. If you have questions when you are doing the build, PM me for my e-mail address.

  5. Thanks for replies....forgot to mention that i left out hard drive and dvd drive because i can get these for cheap!
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