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Im needing to get something to help me overclock my i7 3770k processor and a 7950 graphics card, and I have a corsair 800d case; if you could help me with this I would be most thankful. Also im wanting to add a blue theme to my case so what kind of tubing is best for this?
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  1. for fancy cooling I like using this webside: http://www.frozencpu.com/

    as for blue theme you can get blue dye for your coolant or even blue uv reactive and then put black lights in your case to make the liquid inside the tubes glow which looks pretty damn cool if you have the $$$$$
  2. The W/c sticky at the top will help you get some ground knowledge and provide some links for vendors, FCpu is a popular one, but on the higher end of the pricing scale
  3. If i were to spend around 200 dollars what would be a good build/kit to get? and also i have looked at frozen cpu its one of my favorite sites. I have also read the sticky.
  4. For my first loop I used the xspc pump/res combo, but swiftech new combo looks promising. A pump/res combo can really simplify things. Also they make non conductive liquid. it's a bit expensive but works great, it comes in blue.
  5. Good link Tyler, I'm kinda proud of you man :)
    the new Swiftech 220 I'm torn on until I see some realworld user reviews but I'm not seeing it as anywhere near the Xspc Raystorm RX kits
    F-Cpu is a good site Op don't get me wrong, but they can usually be bested on price by the other U.S. sites listed in the sticky and cheaper (for same kit) is better
    @PsyKhiq, after about a minute, that 'Non-conductive' liquid is just as conductive as any other, ionisation from the pump sees to that so N-C is just a sales gimmick,
    and we don't recommend coloured coolants here either, you want blue? buy blue tubing is the maxim around here :P
    too many clogged blocks to argue with on that point so plain distilled water as mentioned in the sticky wins out everytime
  6. This link gives some good information on the Swiftech kit.
    And with Apogee block amd MCP35X which are on alot of peoples short list of parts already looks really good and easy to expand.
  7. I won't get drawn into arguing the details but I'm not changing my view on it yet, and to quote your tagline,
    **Self Built is Better**
  8. There is really no argument to be made with a $200.00 budget options are limited.
    When I made the jump I held off untill I had twice that budget.
  9. Which is the sensible thing to do hehe, we actually had a challenge in the W/c chatroom to build a loop for a set amount and we discovered that to really get any headroom you needed $250 to be comfortable and not cut corners
  10. What was the final configuration that the $250 would get.
    A good scratch built loop was the only way I could go since no kit had what I wanted.
  11. It's actually pretty difficult to beat $250 unless you go with an XSPC kit with an X20 750 pump. In fact, I think we were seeing that Swiftech and XSPC had 240 kits with very good pump upgrade options (DDC/MCP35x) and made it quite difficult to argue for a custom picked loop.
  12. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/270566-11-discussion-thread-watercooling-closed-loop-coolers
    Its on the first page near the bottom, but I looked for the link and spent twenty minutes going over our old chats, I'm going to PM Omi3D and see how the Tails are progressing :P
    One of those with the chillerbox/TEC and the Radbox should get me some ambient level load temps hehe
    'Oh yeah, I have to run two instances of Prime 95 just to keep the Pc from freezing up' :P
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