Ocz solid 3 only getting 199MB/s read and 62MB/s write


I have a p8z68 v pro mobo and i have my ocz solid 3 ssd plugged into the sata3 intel ports on my mobo. I am getting crappy read/write speeds though:( How can i improve this? According to my ssd specs i should be blowing my current speeds out of the water. Please help!
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  1. You have ACHI mode set for the controller in BIOS?
  2. Your drive is operating above advertised specs.

    Advertised AS-SSD specs for your drive are "up to" 175MB/s Read and 60MB/s Write.
    You are getting 113% of advertised Reads and 103% of advertised Writes.

    Benchmark with ATTO software if you are looking for the advertised 500/450 Read/Writes speeds.

    Here's the link to the spec sheet of your drive: http://www.ocztechnology.com/res/manuals/OCZ_Solid3_Product_sheet.pdf
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