Trouble with new build's speed

after the construction, of my new computer. It runs so slow, that it won't load an OS. I tried Win7 and Fedora core 12.
I put together a rig, with the following:
case-Tagan CS A mid-towel.
PS-AzzA Dynamo 850W
CPU-AMD Phenom ll X2 Black Ed. Callisto 3.1 GHz
Ram- G.Skill 4GB(2 x 2GB) DDR2(800)
Video card- HIS Radeon HD 4670 1GB 123-bit DDR 3 PCI Express 2.0
MB- Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P AM3/AM2 /AM2 790X ATX AMD
HD- Seagate Barracuda SATA 3.0
DVD burner-Samsung 22X SATA
OS- Could not install
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  1. Do you get an error when trying to install the OS? What does your CPU temp show as in the BIOS? That POS PSU isn't going to do you any favors.
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    I had an old DVD burner as a gift someone got a couple years ago cheap at frys or best buy. It was so slow when I benchmarked it (i think with nero) it came up with an error saying it was so slow it couldnt be working properly. It was running about 1/3rd the speed a DVD burner should. It had no vista drivers or firmware, but it didnt work any better in my XP PC. I finally threw it away and got another one.

    If you have never had an OS installed and the DVD is new then more likely somethign is not plugged in properly. Go through the boot problems sticky first.
  3. The only reason, i got that PSU, was because of a rebate. The final cost to me was $29.99. So it is a cheapo. The DVD burner is fine. I swapped it out, with a good one. from a build, i built in 2008. That one, was a lower price build. But it has taken everything, i have thrown at it. it was built around a AMD Athlon 3500+ 2.20GHz AM2 CPU and a MSI MicroATX-K9MM-V VGA 8X MB. Okay, i will go back, and check all of my connections. I may swap that PSU out with the one in the other build. I sure hate, disconnecting all of those wires.
  4. I swapped out the Azza 850PS, with a 3year old 350PS, out of my other computer. And the speed picked up some. I can't return the Azza, because its over 3months old. I purchased the computer components over a 3month period, because i am retired, and don't have a lot of money. Because i only paid $29.99 after a($40 dollar) rebate, for it. I will try to return it to the factory, or just look for another one.
  5. Should have read $59.99, after the $40 dollar rebate. The total before rebate was $99.99.
  6. I installed an old pata hard drive, and tried to install linux Fedora11. And everything worked as it should. So its just the MB not recognizing the sata drives. So I am going to buy another sata drive. And see if i can tweak the bios to recognize it.
  7. This is the response I received from Gigabyte tech support:
    Dear customer,
    You need to prepare AMD SB 750 driver, connect SATA drive to SATA port 0 ( yellow color) connect SATA CD/DVD drives to GSATA port 0-1, boot system to bios, go to integrated peripherals set onchip SATA type, When loading OS provide AMD SB750 SATA driver.
    Note: Gigabyte not provide SB 750 SATA driver for Linux you may need to log on look for correct driver download or check on Linux web side to download driver.
  8. This reply seems to come from someone in India.
  9. After getting another SATA HD. And another Windows 7 OEM($99.99). The new computer still would not load Windows 7 OEM. So i tried different solutions. Until I connected the HD to the number 6 SATA port. And everything worked like it should. Windows 7 installed fine. My new computer is working now, but I suspect there is a problem, with that bank of 6 SATA connections. I have to give you guys credit, because you really did try to help me.
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