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I have a pretty old motherboard, it's an Intel DQ35MP.
My problem is that my CPU fan is running at about 800rpm according to BIOS constantly. There is no way for me trough the bios to change it. During Prime95 stress test the fans did not react at all. Nor does my GPU fan speed change. During Prime95 test the cpu was at about 57 degrees. and when I am doing nothing special on the computer it is at 40-45 degrees. I have a Core 2 Due e8400 @3.0 ghz.

Is there any way to get the PC to respond to the stress and increase the RPM rate of the fans? I recently tested some games and the pc is running stable even tough there is no increase in the RPM however I am thinking of overclocking so it would be nice to get the fans running a bit faster. ANY help?

I have tried speedfan but it only detects my GPU fan and I can control only that.
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  1. A lot of the older motherboards don't have variable fan speeds, sounds like this is one of them. 57 degrees is fine in terms of temperature. Are you sure that mobo even supports overclocking? It doesn't seem to have any bios options for it (quick overview of product sheet)
  2. thank you for your reply. Well, when you mention it, it probably does not support overclocking.... However should not every motherboard still respond to increase in heat?
    So if my CPU temperature would rise to about 80 degrees celsius and above the CPU heatsink fan would still run at 800rpm. To me it sounds a bit weird.
  3. Hello... Is your CPU fan a 4 wire fan? the 4th wire is for TACH/Speed feedback... a 3 wire fan is PWM/Variable speed with no Tach/Speed feedback... a 2 wire fan is single speed only. You could try another 4 wire fan and see if you get better control/results... just cause the Fan turns doesn't mean it's working as intended.
  4. By 4 wire fan you mean that the fan uses the 4 pin connection thingy on the motherboard, then yes. The heatsink fan system is an arctic freezer 13
  5. Hello... what I mean is... THERE are four physical WIRES, coming out of the FAN, to a 4 pin connector, connected to the 4 pin motherboard/CPU header. Stock photo shows a 4 wire tach feedback fan.
  6. I am not at home so i am unable to check that. But if the stock photo shows one then i assume i have one with four wires. But what now? Is there no hope in changing cpu fan rpm? Since my BIOS seems to be missing alot of helpful features.
  7. Hello... there are BIO's upgrades that fix/address fan control issues... verify brand and model of your board and search their website BIO's upgrade options.
  8. Hmmm... The weird thing is that I recently updated my bios to the latest version... Maybe something went wrong during the update even tough the update was succesfull. But I am not sure if the bios even adds any fan controll features. I read the update changelog but coul not find anything significant on the fans, not even in the previous updates... So i am pretty mich screwed and have to live with what i have got at the moment
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