Asus k8n motherboard problem

Hello, Pc not starting from pressing power on. Green LED for SB_PWR is on and when power switch pressed, fan & cool fan flicker momentarily but nothing happens. They do not spin. No LED light appears on front display power on. Pc had been suddenly powering off several times intermittently for a few days leading up to this state. Does this mean the PSU or Motherboard is at fault? Have tried resetting the CLR CMOS jumper but this has no effect. Thanks, Tim
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  1. Welcom .
    A few questions
    Which motherboard, CPU and other hardware are you using Or PC make and model?
    Did you change anything just before this started to happen?
    What are you usually doing when it would randomly switch off?

    Have you tried unplugging everything from the motherboard (e.g hard disks, graphics card if you have on board, fans except CPU fan, optical drives) and leave on one stick of RAM (if you have more than one RAM stick, test with both separatly. Then tried turning it it on? If the problem still persist, you have ruled out everything excep the motherboard, CPU and PSU.
  2. There is a 90% chance of a bad PSU, I'd suggest get one out of another rig and just connect it to the mobo no peripherals need necessarily be attached.
    If it works, your problem is solved.....
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