Video problems

I do hope some one can lead me to a good conclusion.

I have a Gateway GT5056 with an AMD Athloon 64 2 3800+
1.5 Mb of Ram and run XP Pro SP3
and it has an onboard GeForce 6100

when I got this 3-4? years ago the graphics were not enough to run a game like NWN so I added a GeForce 7600GS that was recommended and it has served me well. Until Monday morning.

I turned on the computer and went to get coffee, upon my return I find the box is humming, HD doing its thing and a black screen... infact the blue light in the Samsung was blinking its usually steady when in operation.

I shut it down tried again, the monitor never got any video from the box, the blue light just blinked, the box beeped at the right time, and played the Windows theme when it opened the desktop but never got any video to the monitor.

I then shut it down and moved the monitor to the onboard Video output (which is still active, I have never figured out how to inactivate it) and the box boots just fine and the video comes on at the right time no problem, unless I try to game.. the onboard is not adequate.

at this time I think ok its a vid card, no problem, $100 usd later I pop in a new PNY GeForce GT220 with 1024 mb and guess what.... black screen no video....

About the only thing I can think of is the mb or buss has failed. I have no idea how to trouble shoot this now and I am hoping someone can help me.... thanks in advance.
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  1. Make sure to delete all the drivers from the the old card and install the fresh ones from online, use on board while you do all that obviously. If that does not help install GPUZ and check if the card is actually detected. Check for signs of vitality on the new card, lights/fan spinning ( should let you know if you are getting power into it). If you have another pci-e slot by any chance try switching to that one. Good Luck
  2. Thanks for the imput, I have up to date drivers installed, I got the GPUZ neat utility by the way, and ran it it only shows the onboard chip set, nothing for the GeForce 7600GS card. so I must assume that the MB / buss has a problem. Any ideas?'
  3. I want to thank you all for the help, guess I am too lazy or stoopid but I decided to go the quick way. I bought an HP 6310, not the best but a good buy I think. AMD 64x4, 6 Gb DDR3 and a 1T hard drive. I will still work on it from time to time and try everything I / we can think of but guess this is old business now. thanks again
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