Overclocking FX 6300

Sup guys

i need some help about overclocking i'm not good at it

i have a FX 6300 and a ASUS m5a78lx motherboard, and i want to know if i can overclock it , my font is a corsair 500w
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  1. Raise your multiplier in the bios, run Intel Burn Test, if you crash you're not stable.

    If you don't crash, you need watch your temps with a program like HW Monitor and don't break 60C.

    If you break 60C you need a better cooler.

    If you still have thermal headroom you can keep upping your multiplier.

    If you aren't stable and still have thermal headroom then you can slowly up your voltage until you get to 1.5V
  2. Use google to do a couple hours of research instead of getting people to do your HW for you. Overclocking safely requires a good deal of knowledge.
  3. @shellls45 wow chill out i'm sorry, i like so much this forum people are so helpful like @dannoddd who gave me some information now i know something about OC really thank you
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