Not getting past Verifying DMI data

Hello, I have a home brewed PC that has been working fine for the past 3 years. IP-35 Pro MB, INtel Quad 9300 processor, GEIL 2 x 2GB memory, Win XP Pro.

Recently, it would not boot after the Verifying DMI data stage. I used SpinRite to check/refresh the system drive and it started up again. After about 3-4 restarts over as many weeks, it has shut down again. Gets to the DMI stage and then refuses to go further.

I have run SpinRite again. No luck. I then cleared the CMOS, reset it, but no luck. I cannot even get it to boot from the XP CD - I switched the boot sequence in the BIOS, it gets to "Press any key to boot from CD" but does not seem to respond to key presses, simply goes into a blank screen.

I have all my tax info on this machine and need to access it soon. Any suggestions would be very very VERY appreciated.
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  1. Do you have your OS install CD? If you boot from that and dont install can you see the HDD. It sounds like the HDD may have died.

    You might try unplugging and replugging stuff in case its just a loose cable inside.
  2. Wouldn't it respond and go to the OS disc? He said he tried to already.

    Only other thing I could think of would be to check in the BIOS if it still sees all drives, and unplug-replug them. Then maybe try using a linux live cd to access the files. I'm not sure how you'd do that with an XP disc without installing.
  3. I didnt see "cant get it to boot from XP CD" when I read it the first time.

    If the bios settings didnt change then some cable came loose or the motherboard, CPU, PSU, GPU or RAM probably broke. Glad I could help narrow it down. ;)

    I would first check the Motherboard, PSU and GPU for signs of capacitors with rusty stains (they bust and a little brown goo leaks and dries). A cheap PSU could deteriorate alot in 3 years of hard use, if you are lucky that will be the problem.
  4. 1. If you changed the hardware just before this problem occurred (e.g., installed a new hard disk drive), unchange it.

    2. If you installed a new hard disk drive, set the motherboard CMOS Setup to Auto for the drive type. You may have to disconnect the drive first.

    3. Enable "Reset Configuration Data" (may be "Force Update ESCD" in some CMOS Setuups) in the motherboard CMOS Setup PNP/PCI configuration. (Rebooting will automatically disabled it after it has done its thing.)

    4. The CMOS may be corrupted. Clear it.

    5. Disconnect all drives not required to boot the computer. If this fixes it, reconnect one at time.

    6. The floppy drive may be bad or not connected properly.

    7. Reseat all expansion boards.

    8. Pull all boards not required to boot the computer.
  5. Thanks for all the responses. It would not even boot from the CD. It would get to the boot from CD prompt and then go blank.

    I finally cleared and reset the BIOS. After a couple of tweaks, it has worked fine since then. I have a feeling that one of my DVD drives may be bad or has a loose connection that is corrupting the BIOS (?). I get an I/O error on that often. I will check on it sometime.
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