HP VGA webcam is recognized as a Trust webcam


When I plug in my HP VGA webcam into my computer, it helps itself and installs the drivers for a Trust WB-3320X webcam. I do not have this webcam! How do I:

(1) Uninstall and remove entirely the drivers for the Trust webcam?
(2) Reinstall the HP VGA with the appropriate drivers?
(3) Tell Windows to stop downloading the drivers it thinks I need?
(4) Keep my sanity?

I have tried physically removing the driver files from my computer, but there seems to be an executable or something that replaces these driver files every time I try to add new hardware.

I have also tried manually assigning the right drivers to the webcam, but Windows keeps me from doing so because it is the wrong driver for the device it recognizes.

Wasn't this kind of stuff easier on XP? Oh yeah, the specs for my machine are:
Pentium D
Asus p5nd2-sli deluxe mobo
1.5 Gb Ram
sapphire Radeon 5750 gpu


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  1. Other than the name, is this actually causing problems for you? If not, just leave it.

    Alternatively, have you tried downloading drivers from HP for your camera and installing them (without the cam attached)? This might allow you to control which drivers are assigned.
  2. Does it work? Why should you think the chipset of the web cam isn't being defined correctly? GET OVER IT!
  3. Is it not a Trust webcam rebadged for HP, if so, it is common for it to pickup the original manufacturers drivers.
  4. Well, the thing is that it has a lot of trouble with Skype. It is way below the normal frame rate of the camera when I use it online. It just doesn't seem to be working as well as it could.

    My guess is that it still works because webcams aren't all that different from one another and the drivers have enough similarity to make it work nominally. I want it working optimally.
  5. Have you tried getting drivers from HP?
  6. Yes. What I have tried is uninstalling the device entirely, loading the HP drivers into my hard drive and then reinstalling the device. Since the system still recognizes it as a Trust webcam, it doesn't bother with the HP drivers. The HP drivers are more or less just sitting there. If I could simply reassign the webcam to the HP drivers I downloaded, that would be a fix.

    Also, if I could tell windows that it is an HP webcam, that would fix it too.

    I have numerous other problems with this computer. An out-of-date wireless card, shotty router, and I think my motherboard has issues too although I have no proof of that.

    This machine was a salvage job. It was my friends old one that died and he didn't know how to fix it. Instead of junking it, I took it, rebuilt it and BAM new computer. Just like how I got my old one!

    If you can think of a quick way to try and fix the problem, I can assure you I have tried it. I thank you so much for your help and your perseverance in coming back to my thread. I know I haven't had time to visit it myself!
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