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Hey guys, all drivers/updates for my new build are complete, and when i boot, the first asus bios screen comes up, then displays components (as usual), but then goes back to the first start up bios screen. This cycle happens three times before "starting windows" comes up (i have windows 7 ultimate 64-bit). I have a OCZ vertex 3 60Gb SSD, i5 2500k, asus p8z68-v pro, corsair vengeance 8gb cl8 1600mhz ram, and to get to the windows screen takes 40 seconds. Can anyone explain why it is displaying the bios start up screen three times before 'starting windows?'

Appreciate any help, cheers!
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  1. Try to load the default settings.
  2. this seems to be a common fault with asus boards--i used to get it on my p5k

    have you updated the bios?
  3. No its 1 version lower (0706) i don't think updating it will fix it, is there anything i can disable in the bios that may help?
    I'll try update the bios in the mean time
  4. I just built my new computer system and I have the same issue right now. The bios screen try's to start three times before windows loads. I also have windows freezing up all the time too. I have windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit with an Asus M5A99X EVO. Just a thought but I am using similar memory, Corsair Dominator 4 GB 1600mhz. Now the memory I am using is supposed to be compatible with my motherboard but if it not would that explain what is happening?

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