Overclocking FX 6100

Hey, so I am trying to overclock my FX 6100 black edition 3.3Ghz

My specs.
Fx 6100
Evega gtx560
PNY 1333 DDR3 4GB x3
ASRock 870 Extreme3 R2.0
530 watt PSU Rosewill Green 80 plus

stock cooling on cpu, plan to upgrade in next few days.

basically im having a hard time finding a stable setup.

Ive done a few things. Using the built in bios OC tweaker causes the computer to crash and get a memory dump (blue screen). Next I started tweakin with things manually.

Ive tried increasing bus by a small margin then decreasing NB and RAM and then increasing multiplier accordingly and it just has been unsuccessful.

So far is leaving the bus at 200 and just increasing the multiplier on the cpu and decreasing speed of ram works the best and increasing the voltage on the cpu by 1 notch. But the issue I have been having is that the comp doesnt crash to a memory dump but instead it just freezes when the processor is under fair amount of load.
Any suggestion?
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  1. also leaving everything stock and increasing the multiplier from 16.5 to 17 still causes the PC to run slow and freeze when the computer is under load
  2. dont overclock on stock cpu cooler.
  3. You should be able to get 4Ghz out of that easily.
    I'd start by resetting the bios to default settings.

    Bump the multiplier up to 17.5 without adjusting voltage and reboot.
    What you need to do then is test for stability and temperature.
    Download and run "Intel Burn Test" and watch your temperatures with HW Monitor.
    Your cores should not exceed 60*C, and if you see your clock speed lower then you're throttling.

    There's a good chance if you're on the stock cooler, that you're simply getting too hot to overclock. If you can get the 17.5X to be stable, then keep pushing it up and tossing voltage at it for it to be stable and under 60*C.
  4. thanks for the reply. Ive been doing all of that and its been hitting about 35-39 celcius. The problem is when it is under loads the comp will freeze for about a minute and im unable to do anything other then move the mouse around
  5. If that's the case then you need to toss it more voltage, you may have a bad OC'r or a poo-ey motherboard.

    Do you have LLC (Load Line Calibration)?
  6. my suggestion would be to actually use google and read through overclocking guides for fx cpu's. There are guides that will show you what bios settings to use etc, like you must have any power saving or throttling features turned off for a start. Do some reading.
  7. +1 to iam2thecrowe's suggestion. You should really know what you're doing before you start fiddling with stuff, unless you want to end up killing a component.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I have done reading. I still falling up short. Everyone says start with small adjustments and keep increasing it from there. I start with the smallest increment and still having issues.
  9. are you going into BIOS to change settings, or using tweak software in windows? never use tweak software, always reboot and enter BIOS to overclock. Start by increasing multiplier by .5.
  10. Curious if you upgraded off that stock cooler yet? I'm sure your system will appreciate the upgrade
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