My Config :

AMD Phenom II 9050t Black Edition

Ati Radeon 5970 Xfx black edition

2x2 A-Data ddr3 ram

ASUS formula 4 crossfire x motherboard


I have recently resetted my bios by mistake and my some of the games on my comp lag a bit on max graphics. Can anyone help me with the best BIOS settings for my Rig?

And Also is my pc slow coz the cores are locked or something? Please Help Greatly Appriciated :)
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. First things first, let's address your speed concern. "Slow", like any other adjective is a relative term. What are you comparing the system speed to? How fast are you expecting your computer to be? How are you measuring the speed?

    As for your BIOS, the "best" settings is subjective. It would be better to post what you're trying to achieve. For example, are you wanting to overclock? If so, what? (RAM, GPU, CPU, or all).
  2. Hi, some of the games on my pc are laggin on max graphics when it shouldnt since my GPU is good, so are the core locked or something i really have no idea im a newbie in these things. I thot its coz of the BIOS since it got resetted.
  3. Ok, now we're getting somewhere. Let me see if I understand your problem correctly. Your computer was built and in good working order, but as a result of you resetting the BIOS, your graphics display isn't as it used to be. But what about the speed of your computer? I associate speed with processing. Are there other apps that run slower than before?

    You mentioned locked cores again. Are you sure of the model name of your CPU is Phenom II 9050t? I can't find that one. However, I did find a Phenom X4 9950, which is a quad core CPU. Here's the deal on "locked" cores. A few years ago, there wasn't a very high demand for quad core, but they were manufactured. Some of the Phenoms resulted with defects, and some were made the way they were intended. The Phenoms that had defective cores had said defective cores disabled. In an effort to make a sale on the defective CPUs, AMD marketed these as dual core Athlons.

    To make the long story short, the supply vs demand wasn't favoring quad core CPUs, so AMD disable two cores in their Phenoms to meet the demand for dual core CPUs. When this info became publicly known, a lot of people wanted to buy Athlon BEs, with the impression of "unlocking" two cores.

    So... Your Phenom, if it is in fact a 9950, is a genuine quad core CPU - no cores to unlock. However, since the 9950 is a BE, or Black Edition, it has an "unlocked" multiplier. Here's how it works...

    The Bus of the 9950 is 200 MHz, and the stock multiplier is 13. 13 x 200 MHz = 2600 MHz (2.6 GHz). An unlocked multiplier allows the stock multiplier to be increased when overclocking. This feature is not availble to non-BE CPUs. Keep in mind, that overclocking isn't simply increasing your multiplier; you have to adjust your RAM specs, too.

    Speaking of BE and unlocked multipliers, the same principal is applied to your GPU. My assumption here is that the person who built your computer had it overclocked all the way down to the GPU. Was this system built for you by Cyber Power, or a similar company?
  4. ok im sorry is amd phenom ii x6 1090t black edition. They display is fine it jus starts lagging a bit on max graphics. Games like Gta 4 COD black ops they lag a bit .
  5. Great. The X6 isn't your problem. I seriously doubt that any game out right now is utilizing the full potential of a hexacore CPU. That being said, performance gains in a graphic-intense application, such as games, require more effort from RAM and GPU.

    4 GB of RAM is certainly enough; however, if your game frame rates are not what they once were, try tweaking your GPU a little. More importantly, what were the frame rates like prior to the BIOS reset?
  6. Sounds a whole lot like your ram isn't running where it should be. I have one of those processors running stock with a lessor card and it doesn't have hiccups in any game @1920x1200.

    You can try going into the BIOS and select load optimized defaults or try setting your memory by hand. And check to see that it's running in un-ganged mode.

    Read the mobo book and make sure they are in the right slots. And manually check the voltage to see that it is set to what the manufacturer says it should be.
  7. wat is un-ganged mode plz explain ? :( and everything is in the right slot. Like today i started crysis on max resolution n 8x AA and all other settings max and its lags and wen i lower the resolution to 1024 everything is smooth on max settings.
  8. Ganged is better for single threaded apps, which you don't see too much of anymore. Unganged is better multithreaded apps, such as gaming.

    Press ctrl+shift+esc to bring up Task Manager. Click on the Performance tab. Click on the Resource Monitor button. How much of your RAM is "hardware reserved"?
  9. What resolution are you trying to play at ? And what is the native resolution of your monitor ? And what is the monitors refresh rate set at ?

    You have a big card and should play Crysis without any problems. However, you only have 1gig of video ram and Crysis likes more. When I play that game I use a GTX260 with 1792 video ram. Less and you can't turn AA on. The ATI card handles Crysis well but I think you may need to lower the AA to nothing. Turn off motion blur and physx if there is an option to do so. I played it with a 5850 in a machine and it sounds as if that plays better than yours. Let's keep working at it because it has to be something being overlooked.... even the monitors refresh rate.
  10. Besides my last post you can check this. ATI...... every time I installed new ATI drivers ( AMD ) I had to go into the CCC and reset settings the way I wanted.

    Open the CCC. Go to graphics. Then to 3d. Select "all" from the menu. Check boxes for "let application decide". Vertical refresh "off unless application specifies". This may help.
  11. 2Mb is hardware reserved and i have 2gb of video Ram. As I said i can play crysis on a lower reso on MAX SETTINGS but i want to play it on MAX resolution with max settings otherwise its a waste of a GPU for me if it cant handle :(.
  12. This could have been solved a lot sooner if you were clearer on your problem. While lag is a performance issue, it is not what your concern is. The reason for telling you to look at your RAM is because lag is commonly caused by two problems: RAM or bandwidth. Moving on...

    Like swifty was eluding to, your 'performance' is limited by your monitor. "...i can play crysis on a lower reso on MAX SETTINGS..." suggests that you are trying to force a display your monitor is not able to handle. So before we get further off the mark, please answer swifty's questions:

    1. What is the resoultion you want to play at?
    2. What is your monitor's native resolution?
    3. What is the refresh rate of your monitor?

    read this article:
  13. Nice link T_T. .. A little dated ( 1-1.5 years ) but informative. Able to get conclusions.
  14. its 1920x1080 and refresh rate is 60hz and i want to play on 1920x1080. I have connected my monitor using a HDMI cable
  15. Going back to the beginning. You said you reset your BIOS. Did you power down/unplug/hit start button to drain power/then pull battery for a few seconds and put it back in. Reboot, what happens. Reset my BIOS can mean different things to different people.

    For your last post, the HDMI cable. Are you running sound through that also ? And did you try a DVI/DVI cable instead ?
  16. Please post a link to your exact monitor so we can check the specs on it. Perhaps we're missing something, too.
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