What's the proper name of this cable?

What's the proper name of the cable (I think it's for an audio signal) that runs from the mobo to a CD or DVD drive? I'm not talkg about the flat ribbon signal cable, but the smaller one.
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  1. There are two types. One for analog; the other for digital audio. They are both recognized as "audio" cables, but they differ from where they connect on the sound card end.

    For analog, you connect the audio cable to the CD_IN on your sound card.

    For digital, you connect the audio cable to the CD_SPDIF on your sound card.
  2. So what is the *name* of this cable if I want to order one? And are the connectors the same on the analog and digital versions? (I'm guessing they are.) My mobo contains sound-card facilities (mediocre), and I think the mobo jack has 4 pins in a line, surrounded by a plastic enclosure.
  3. I believe they are referred to as CD_SPDIF, that's what i've known them as. I've never had to order one, though. The sound cards i've bought (Creative Labs) have always come with the cable.

    The connector of a CD_SPDIF is different from that of the CD_IN. So, to attempt to help you further, if you want to connect the four pins on your sound card to your optical drive, look for a CD_SPDIF cable.
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