I5 2500k un stable after clock?

Hi all ,

Last night out of pure bordem , i decided to overclock my 2500k.
after watching a few youtube tutorials, it seems fairly straight forward
so i went ahead and set the clock to 4.5ghz and the voltage to 1.350v

i then installed prime95 and left that running overnight for about 10 hours
all seemed good, there was no errors in prime 95 and i thought id cracked it.

been playing farcry 3 no all day with no issues at all.
but i just been watching a blu ray dvd when i got blue screen of death, the pc has started back up and has not crashed again since typing this.

my specs are

TOWER CASE: Corsair Obsidan 650D

Processor: i5 2500k
COOLER: Corsair H100
MEMORY: 16GB Corsair Vengeance
GRAPHICS CARD: Palit Jetstream GTX 670 2GB
SOLID STATE DRIVE (SSD): Corsair Neutron 120GB
HARD DRIVE (HDD) :Samsung Spinpoint F3 1000GB
Drive: Samsung Blu-ray

just want to know if its possible the blue screen of death was caused by the overclock, even though it passed a 10 hour prime95 stress test, also is there any way to default the overclock back to factory speed.
any help appreciated thanks
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  1. any suggestions ? , just got blue screen again
    how can i reset it back to default?
  2. Your options are:

    1) Add a little vcore (this will increase temps though, and you only have a little headroom...keep it below 1.38 max.)

    2) Back off the multiplier a notch. (100mhz)<<<<<<<This is what I would do.

    3) Reset to factory default. (Just find "load optimized defaults" in your BIOS, select it, then most boards us F10 key to save and restart))
  3. thankyou, i tried option 3 and i think thats done the job, although the asus boot up screen looks a little different than it used to, the multiplier is set to 37 in cpu-z
  4. i do find it strange that it dident crash during a 10 hour prime95 test, but give me blue screen of death twice watching a blu ray
  5. Stress tests will check for obvious instability, but repeated use, over time, is the only way to be sure.
  6. what bsod did you get, 0x124? 0x101?
  7. 0x124, had it a few times, but my voltage it allready 1.350v, dont want to go higher
  8. Try offset voltages. It has worked better for me. And it decreases voltages when idle.

  9. http://i1139.photobucket.com/albums/n551/footlong96/50ghz.png

    Heres an example of when its at about 30% cpu usage and at 5.0ghz.

    Max voltage it gets is 1.51v at 5.0ghz
  10. 0x124, ok, you can go higher as long as your under 80c after hours of stress testing no prob. What voltage does the CID auto adjust too if you leave it on auto instead of manual adjusting if you plug in a 43x or 44x? Is it stable at one of those? Have you changed any other voltages maunally, even except maybe ram voltage? Do you have your 1333 ram set with the XMP profile to 1600? That can change ram voltage to 1.65 and qpi/vtt to 1.2 sometimes.
  11. Actually 1.350v for 45x is too high, you should be able to run 45x at the 1.325v range and possibly lower.

    If you really want to overclock don't let a few bluescreens scare you off, you have more than adequate cooling for a 4500mhz overclock.

    You just need to fine tune your overclock, and Prime95 just gets you in the ballpark, to get a good seat, you have to add benchmark testing which adds a GPU load to the testing.

    You can run P95 for days and it never crash, but add the GPU and Sound load to the mix and it's all over.
  12. - Do not exceed 1.425v core voltage, doing so could limit lifespan of the CPU
    - Aim to keep temperatures below 75c underload if at all possible
    - Do not overclock with BCLK, again doing so could limit lifespan of the CPU

    Testing Stability: Intel Burn Test - Overclock Stability Testing ( 10-20 Loops Maximum) THEN run 8-12 hours of Prime95 on blend.

    I personally recommend overclocking through the turbo and not the base clock ratio. As overclocking the turbo seems to be the most stable for the chip.

    Below should give you an idea as to where you should start at Vcore wise for each overclock you attempt. I usually start on the high end of things, then drop it down .01 after each successful Intel Burn Test.

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