Geil com tw 2gb x 2 dc kit will not work with my win 7 64

Trying to upgrade mem on my computer from 2GB to 4GB
My system= Motherboard AMD690GM-M2
WIN 7 64bit
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3500+2.2 GHz
Every thing goes well until win tries to load and hangs..switch back to 2 or 3GB and every thing works ok....?

The mem is DDR2 pc2 8500 1066MHz By GEIL...(2GB x 2 DC Kit)
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    My first assumption is mis-matched RAM. Please post the EXACT RAM Part-Numbers for each set; links are preferred.

    Use CPUz or look at the stickers -
  2. New kit of 2x2GB GEIL?....funny thing is it will run fine and boot no problem with one GEIL 2gb stick and one 1GB PNY stick.
  3. Shoot me ! but i think this might be a windows problem?
  4. The ECS AMD690GM-M2 is a Dual Channel MOBO, and the RAM 'should' be installed in matched-sets and Those matched-sets 'should be' matched to the first set {Speed, CAS timings, Voltage, and Type (chips/side)}. My guess is that they're not.

    "GEIL 2gb stick and one 1GB PNY" this not a part-number; this is a part-number -> e.g. KHX1600C9AD3K2/4G

    Also, if the BIOS will allow try Unganged.
  5. Sorry.....gx24gb8500c5udc
    pc2 8500 1066 MHz
    CL 5-5-5-15
  6. Okay that's the GEIL -
    DDR2-1066 CAS: 4-4-4, 5-5-5, 6-6-6 @ 2.2~2.4V

    Next, what about the PNY?

    BTW - I did say sets - > 2x or 4x; not 2x +1 ; your MOBO probably cannot do 2+1 sticks... I would strongly recommend getting another set of GX24GB8500C5UDC.
  7. The mem is DDR2 pc2 8500 1066MHz By GEIL...(2GB x 2 DC Kit)

    2 x 2gb...;.............bios posts hangs after logo screen

    GX24GB8500C5UDC. x2.......spanking new set.?
  8. If i put in the two GEIL sticks Bios will post ok,but windows will hank just after logo screen........if i take out one of the GEILs Bios will post and windows will load ok......mobo has two dimm slots
  9. More than likely the RAM is incompatible with your MOBO, but do the following:

    Do this exactly:
    1. Shutdown PC
    2. Pull All RAM, Clean RAM contacts with Isopropyl alcohol.
    3. Insert damp into the (2 of 2) slots
    4. Wait 5 minutes
    5. Boot into BIOS; Load Fail Safe, save and exit
    6. D/L and create a bootable CD/DVD of Memtest86+ {ISO/zip} -
    7. Run 2 Passes
    Failure -> exchange RAM Crucial -
    8. Boot into BIOS; Load Optimized Defaults, save and exit
    Failure -> exchange RAM Crucial -
    9. Boot into Safe Mode
    10. Run MSCONFIG and select Diagnostic, and restart
    Failure -> Possible Corruption in Windows
    11. Run MSCONFIG add Microsoft and other KNOWN items
    Failure -> Post here.
  10. :pt1cable: No joy ...just ripped out the GEIL ram and reinstalled the old ram every thing works fine now.I will return the GEIL and see if i can exchange them for another brand...the mobo is good for 16GB of ram...Thanks for all your help and advice. :hello:
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