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I have a Gigabyte x58 ud3r motherboard with an I7 950 and 3 sticks of 4GB 1600 gskill RAM. Should I manually set the RAMs multiplier to 12 and timings to 9-9-9-25 or use the bios' setting at 1300 and 7-7-7-20? The Intel guy said that the processor was not made for 1600 RAM and would not be able to take advantage of some if it's features if I set it to 1600. Which option should I go with? Also, when I set it to 1600 the CPU voltage LEDs on my mobo are green and yellow. Is this ok?

Thanks for any input...
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  1. Just try it. If you get bluescreens or random reboots, I would run them at the default settings the motherboard bios chooses.
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