Just want oppion

ok about 7months ago i bought this computer off my neighbor wanna kno if the 600 was worht it

DFI Lanparty dark P35 series LGA775

E5200 cpu 2.5 (i o/c to 3.9 and have a 1300fsb)

Windows vista 32bit home premeum

coolermaster 450w psu

Evga 8800 gts i also o/c this

some case cant remember the name i googled it and found it for $92

G-Skil 2gig 800Mhz ram dual channnel 4-4-4-12 (when i got it ti was 5-4-4-12 but i fixed that)

Lite-on dvd burrner with lightscribe

and a 400g 7200Rpm hd

i note this system was already built and had a LEAGAL copy of the os plus a bunch of burrning software

later i bought the antec 902 $120
and this weekend ill be getting the antec 750w psu $115
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    7 Months ago, it might have been worth $600... It is pretty close to my bargain build in my sticky which is $512....

    I would really think about starting to upgrade your core components (CPU/MOBO/RAM) before any further upgrades. Those would've been better options over the case and PSU you have already updated, since they are the heart of your system (but the case and PSU will transfer to any build so I do see your logic :D ).
  2. also im trying to get one of the $700 grafix cards HD5970, also i wanna save up keep this rig and build the i7... o and aswell i bought corsare H50 cooling for it that keeps me at 64c max load for 1hr
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  4. i wouldn't get a 5970 until getting a more powerful processor, otherwise it will be severely bottlenecked.
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