Is this program good for overclocking?

Hey i going to be buying this build very soon and im just wondering if this overclocking tutorial is good and 100% working because i watched other tutorials and you have to go into bios etc and here its just one program that does everything and that's a bit suspicious but i don't know thats why im asking you lot :D Thanks
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    and also if this is a bad one could you please give me a video link to the best and simplest tutorial
  2. No for the most stable overclock...Use the bios,Dont use a program.Usually they never give you the full performance you could be getting.
  3. and whats the best bios tutorial for overclocking i prefer video
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    ^you need to read several guides and then do some overclocking in bios yourself before you will have a decent understanding.

    Just do the work and read the guides, you'll save yourself time in the end by not having to relearn to overclock because you watched a video of someone who was clearly to lazy to write a guide and likely isn't very knowledgeable when it comes to overclocking.

    Programs tend to put voltage to high and don't even come close to the max clocks for the chips.
  5. oh ok thanks for your help and i will do what you said.
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  7. No problem. Happy OCing, I expect to see your results in the amd overclocking club when your all done.

    And just one more thing make sure you buy the fx 6300 not the fx 6200. The 6300 is second gen and is way better.
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