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Hey guys.
I just purchased a new monitor the Asus 25.5 inch 1900x1200 LCD monitor(TN panel). Ive tried playing with the settings and on its highest 1900x1200, and the black text color look horrible. Is this my graphics card or the monitor? I dont have this issue with my higher quality Dell 20 inch monitor. My graphics card is a 7800 GT (yes older). The text is somewhat fuzzy and just not true black. Is it that my card cant handle the resolution 1900x1200 versus my Dell which is only 1680x1050?

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    1900x1200, you sure. HD is 1920x1080. Anway I couldn't find your panel on the Asus website. Does the panel have an automatic optimization menu, some have settings that emphasize text, pictures, or videos.
  2. What type cable are you using? It might be that it isn't calibrated correctly for analog input. I had some problems with my monitor with vga, but then I adjusted something called the phase in the settings and it fixed it.
  3. Thanks......I just reset the defaults and it fixed the issue. My own calibration had obviously messed it up. Phew...glad about that.
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