Q6600 vs. New AMD X6 Hexa core

Ok, I've been running my quad core q6600 for about 2 years without upgrading it. This is the longest I have gone. Complete system specs are:

Intel Q6600 2.4GHz Quad-Core
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L (rev.2) M/B
4GB Super Talent DDR2 667 (4X1GB)
Western Digital 1TB and Hitachi 400GB HD's

I am think about get the this:

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
MSI 870A-G54 AM3 M/B
4GB DDR3 (to Start)

My computer is used for gaming CODMW2, BFBC2, Splinter Cell: Conviction.. ect. and also I am study computer networking in school, then I am starting to get into Photoshop, Dreamweaver,Flash CS4 ect.....

Now, being a geek I know that newer tech is a lot of times better but not always, but I want to get others options.

So what say you out there in Tom's Hardware land?

Thanks in advance..................
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  1. For gaming you will see really no real performance gains Your best bet would be just to overclock the Q6600 as far as you can get it until something really worth the upgrade comes around. Rite now your Q6600 and the GTX260 is still a great gaming rig I personally would wait or if you really want to upgrade spend the money on a HD 5870 first then think about upgrading the rest of your platform.

    With a decent OC on that Q6600 you will still get to max out most games with very playable framrates.
  2. Gaming-wise, you'll probably only notice few frame rates higher, that money would be better spent in GPU if your worry is frame rates, however, if you do CPU intensive work, such as 3d Rendering or video editing, you'll probably notice almost 2x gain in performance.

    I used to own a Q6600 OC'd to 3.2ghz, compared to my new X6 1090T OC'd to 4.2ghz my render times are cut to half! now thats a performance boost.
  3. If you're really more into gaming, and you really really want to buy, you're probably better off with the PII 955.

    Or you could follow the advice of others and just overclock your processor. You might want to consider replacing your ram though, it could possibly hamper your OC (being 4 sticks, and just 667MHz)
  4. q6600 is a great processor, even if you don't overclock it it's fast enough on it's stock, just spend your money on a gtx470 or a 5870
  5. Collie147 said:
    q6600 is a great processor, even if you don't overclock it it's fast enough on it's stock, just spend your money on a gtx470 or a 5870

    At stock, the Q6600 bottlenecks even the 4870 or the GTX 280.

    Any Core 2 at less than 3GHz would limit any decent card today.
  6. keep your processor but overclock it to >>3 ghz (3.2~3.4) if posible, if you have the stock cooler then 3 ghz is OK.
    Upgrade your graphic car 5850, 5770 cf, 5870.
  7. Hi,

    just got a 5870 (from 8800gts 640mb) with my Q6700 (stock).

    I can max everything with my 22" at 1680x1050.

    If you are not gaming at 1920 or higher, buy a better gpu.

    You can overclock the cpu a little too, but even I don't really need to.

  8. OC the Q6600 to > 3GHZ then invest on a better GPU
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