Is my CPU being overclocked without me?

I have not OC my CPU yet however was running Prime95 and my "core speed" was showing at 3800Mhz on CPU-Z. Does this mean my board it auto OCing my chip? I have heard my board's auto OC features are voltage heavy so would like to disabable them (I thought I had).
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  1. This feature is called Turbo Boost Technology. You can google it if you want.

    Its essentially when you cpu can boost up your clock speeds when needed so you can get better performance.

    Eg. If you have Intel i7 3770K the cpu will be running at 3.5GHz (IF Intel speedstep Technology is Disabled) When the the computer needs more power the cpu Boosts its clock speeds to 3.9Ghz.

    Now you will ask, "What is Speedstep?"
    Answer: Speedstep Is when your CPU Will downclock itself to 1.6GHz to reduce power consumption and heat. But when your program that is running needs more 'juice' the CPU returns to its normal clock speeds and if it needs more it will 'Turbo Boost'

    If you dont want all these changes in clock speeds then you can disable Speedstep Technology and Turbo Boost in the BIOS. Let them be enabled though, unless you are Overclocking.

    PS: I dont think there is Speedstep on AMD Processors but there is Turbo for sure...
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