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Where to plug Case speaker in?

so i am having POST problems and decided im going 2 breadboard my comp. i ordered and recieved my case speaker and i do not know where to plug it into. I have an ASUS P7P55D Deluxe and my speaker has 4 holes (if that matters). i have looked in the manual and tried finding it online but couldnt find it. where do i plug it in so i can hear my beeps?
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    The internal speaker connects in the same area as your front case panel connectors. You should see 4 open pins on the backside of where you connected the Power & Reset switches from your case. It plugs into those pins and if you look real close on the motherboard, it says speaker.
  2. ok i see it tyvm. in case some1 else has the same motherboard its not on the motherboard itself, but on the extension that came w/ it
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