SATA - building now!

Ok, Am currently builing my PC -As in right now-

my case has an eSATA port on the front but does it matter what SATA port I plug it into on my mobo?
My motherboard (M4A79XTD) has 1 SATA port labled SATA_E1 - could that be for eSATA, all the other ports are labled SATA_1 ...

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  1. I would plug it into SATA_4, or which ever one isn't being used by your hard drive(s) and DVD(s).

    Also, check your manual as it will say what the SATA_E1 is for... if it is for an eSATA, plug it in there.
  2. Yea, I checked the manual, and it makes no special mention about that port. I think it has something to do with the 'marvell SATA controller' or something. I might just plug it into one of the other ports. I wanted to know because the standard ones are at a right angle, which I want fo tidyness, so will go ahead with that I think.

    I heard someone had trouble with that marvell controller on this board, I think it controlls the i/o eSATA port
  3. Here is where I'm at right now. About to install GFX card now

    Trying my best with the cable management - dont forget this is my first build!
  4. Looks good... I would've recommended installing the CPU | Heat Sink | RAM on the MINK before putting it into the case. It makes things easier to install!

    What is the brown looking coating on your CPU / CPU Socket? If that is thermal compound, it looks like from your pic you have too much applied.
  5. Cable mangement is looking good!! :D
  6. Thanks! Um, the brown stuff would be the empty CPU socket...
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