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i have an amd athlon II x2 at 3.00, 4gb ddr2, 430 watts psu, and ati radeon integrated hd 3200,

i am thinking about upgrading to the new ati radeon 5670 (redwood) 1 gb, ddr5,

how much performance gain will i get,

and can i play games such as dirt 2, need for speed shift, left for dead 2, burnout paradice, assasins creed,

sorry i am new at this,

thx for the help

can u give me examples how else the graphics might help thx a lot
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    5670 review with many games. Performance will be a little lower since this review used an overclocked i7 but you should get ~45+ FPS for most games (depending on resolution). You most likely wont be able to play Dirt 2 in DX11.
  2. Which is your monitor?What is your resolution?and wats ur budget?If u answer these questions we will be able to suggest good gfx cards better than the HD 5670 1GB!
  3. what OS are you running?
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