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Gskill p55 memory in Am3 motherboard?

I may just be an idiot.

I purchased Gskills F3-12800CL7D-2GBRH memory for a motherboard processor upgrade.
AMD Phenom 2 1075T + MSI 870-G45

I double checked the specks for the ram and now see that it is listed as only being compatible with the Intel P55 chipset.

I know that a lot of memory is compatible with both Intel and AM3 chipsets. So, I am curious why this memory would be different.

Before I send it back to Newegg, I'd like to know if anyone has any wisdom or experience with this situation.
Could this memory still work with some tweaks to the timing or voltage?

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    The reason it says Compatible with Intel P55 chips is 1) it meets the voltage requirements of 1.65V or less and 2) is a dual channel set. It will work on AM3 boards just like it does Intel.

    This statement was a "big thing" when the new Intel chips came out with their voltage requirements. It showed which memory meant the requirements. Most memory is coming that way standard for DDR3, so no need for that reference. The Newegg descriptions just haven't been "updated" to remove.
  2. The 4GB model is on the memory's QVL...

    You should be good to go with it based on this approval.
  3. I really appreciate the feedback! and I loved Tecmo Bowl by the way...

    It will make for a tough situation for me if I have to wait for another ram kit.

    I'm going to assume you are right, but I am still a little nervous.

    Thanks for the info on the 1.65v issue with the Intel p55 chipset. That gives me some keywords to continue my research.

    I'll (hopefully) get my new system built this weekend and will come back and post the results.

    Thanks Again!
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