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Need help whit board

Hello, ,i bought a core i7 950, and have 340 budget, for board and memory ram, i'm traying to make a desition betwen boards, this pc is for rendering and modeling in 3d max, photoshop, and other design programs. I am not going to have sli or crosfire, only need a board that have good stability ,durability and great performance.
I'll already pic up the memory, a friend here recomended me a, ddr 3,triple chanel 6gb,1600. and also recomended me the asus P6X58D-E ,,,,,,but i am still considering the Rampage III Gene as a better opcion,,,, what do you think?,,,
i have also have a video card selected, the evga 7600.

so far i am desiding betwen this boards, is ok if you recomend me others.

Rampage III Gene
Asus sabertooht x58
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    ASUS P6X58D-E as has been replied to in the other thread you posted......
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