Ausus p5pl-le

upgrading to e6500 proc.what do i need to do besides installing.had 4300 proc.
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  1. You should upgrade to the most recent bios from the manufacturer I am guessing this is an HP desktop. I hope the E6500 you got was the conroe 65nm version because there are newer E6xxx out that are 45nm wolfdales which will not work in that board.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Contact to HP and ask the same question, since the rig that u have is a pre-build rig is more difficult upgrade the CPU.
  3. ok thanks i will have to check out .no info on box if 65 or 45.
    pc came with vista .now have xp3 .have trouble with hp website to get downloads my have to put vista back on.will try emailing them.thanks
  4. what mboard should i use for my new e6500 45nm wolfdale proc.that won't work on my
    ausus p5lp-le2 leonite board?
    have ati radeon hd4650 vid.card & ethernet .can buy soundcard.
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