Asus 660ti DirectCU II OC stable constant gaming overclock

I have a new video card and I've been reading up on it but I never used this new tech. the Asus GTX660 TI-DC2O-2GD5 with (power target%)(boost Clock) (min. GPU Voltage) and (memory Clock) All in GPU Tweak. The factory set memory are this=Default clock 967(MHz) Memory 1502(MHz) Boost 1046 (MHz) I just want a every day overclock setting that is good for everyday gaming. This is what I came up with so far in the GPU Tweak.... Boost clock 1095.. min gpu voltage all the way up to 1175(mV) Memory clock 6200(MHz)aka (1550...MHz) Power Target(%) is all the way up =offset of 23 so that's 23% or 0123 ........Wheew Can someone give me a stable overclock and or tell me if or how far off mine is if it is off badly. Oh and please a brief tutorial on exactly how You use GPU Tweak would be nice not necessary though. I really just want the clock setting not a copy of overclocking for Dummys lol just joking I would be humbled by anyone that can help please thank you.... ~FoD~BugZz~
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  1. Firstly, can you use your enter key and seperate that wall of text a bit for us? makes it easier to read hehe
    secondly, no-one can give you set numbers, every chip and ram and board behaves differently,
    look at Cpu overclocking, one Amd 975 will only get 4GHz, the next will hit 4.6, some like lots of volts, some get by with a small current, its natural variance at work which is why overclocking is such fun/a pain (depending on your masochistic views)
    you have to tweak what you can from your kit yourself, you may get pointers from other Asus 660TI owners, but you are not guarenteed to be able to use the same settings successfully,
    Google some Asus 660TI overclocking guides, and make yourself fully aware of what you are trying to do Before you start messing with the cards settings,
    or your next thread may be 'I broked mai card...'
    Which nobody wants to see :)
    other info we could use is your monitor set up, how many, resolution etc,
    and why do you want to overclock? do you even need to? are your frames low ingame?
    **Edit, oh and a space between the '3' and the http will give you the smiley you wanted :) >>0123 http://<<
  2. Im actually a very good overclocker just lazy this time lol kinda wanted reference clocks more than anything this card actually with its new tech handle the voltage itself and that is so cool u can limit it if you want but it's only 4 the tree huggers and electric bill but back to the brass tax. I more or less wanted a base ref. is all cause some cards have really wierd clocks and its alot easier to get a feel 4 a card from somebody who has played with this 600 series so I dont have to lol so far ive been able to get scores of 8100 in 3dmark 11 at 1920x1080 I just want a quil fix 4 once yes I am the king of sloth this week and instant gratification lol
  3. Fair enough then, I'd say a google will probably be more productive in this case,
    but answers may be forthcoming here if someone has that card as well
  4. That what I did till blue in the face . And could not find a ref. clock all they would say is how to. So frustrating some times
  5. I had the same result :( or I would've done a LMGTFY link :P
  6. been water cooling since 2002
  7. Be so much easier if had a starting base for clocking this card so no fur mark on then off then incriment it then msi and so on so much better to have the crude sweet spot to start off with instead of restarting my pc lol
  8. I know what you mean, nice to get a rough startpoint rather than hit'n'miss or long slog hehe
    Whats your W/c set up? worthy of the gallery maybe?
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