Assitence on a 600 build

I am trying to build a gamer for no more 600. Not insanely powerful. I would like some oppinions on the parts from people who are a hell of a lot better then me at this sort of thing. I will be doing heavy gaming on it. Now I should be able to, because I enjoyed crysis a max on my 9600GT E7200 setup. I will probably pick the pc up in about 2 weeks.
CPU = 550BE $104
GPU = GTS 250 $125
RAM = 2GB Patriot Signature 1600MHZ $65
CASE = Thermaltake V3 $76

HARDDISC = Sata 808GB $77
DVD = Sata 22x $39

= 603

Any help would be good.

Parts I have

Screen 1280x1024
650W Thermaltake Extreme Power Pro FREE. From other pc
Speakers 2.1 HD headset Free
OS Windows XP Home

I would love to have a 4 core so I will just unlock the other 2 cores on the 550BE with the ASUS boost program.

I will only deal with msy. Best prices and is only 25 minutes away.

I will be overclocking but not instantly.
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  1. I also deal with Umart, Computeralliance and I hate to admit it, Gamedude. If it helps i live in brisbane.
  2. 1. Unlocking is not 100% successful
    2. Consider the cheaper AthlonII X3 Rana and clock away for unlocking potential u may end up with
    a. Propus X4
    b, Deneb X4
    c. No additional cores but still X3 and cool running and able to OC a wee bit still ^^
    3. Since u going discrete why not 770 chipset if those are cheaper than that ATX/785G?
  3. What do you man by discrete? And there is only a $4 difference.
  4. A non integrated graphics card
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