seriously stumped here. yesterday I could get the native resolution on my monitor, today I cant. Ive tried 3 different lcd monitors and cant get the native resolutions on any of them. I have a gts250 that i have uninstalled and reinstalled about five times. The driver is up to date. I change the res to native, the screen goes black then comes back and the res is not changed. The refresh is where its supposed to be. AHHHHH i cant type coherently because im so angry, HELP PLEASE!!!!!
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  1. Oh yeah, before anyone asks, win7 64. And yes, all drivers are up to date.
  2. What's the native resolution & what is the resolution you are stuck at?
  3. stuck at 1024X768 native is 1600x1200.
    I just noticed that where normally windows would actually label the native as "recommended resolution" it no longer does.
    I should also mention that its an hdtv not a monitor.
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